Empty roadRoad Trip

By Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

They were leaving. Where exactly? She and her son had yet to decide. There were no good choices. But staying was not an option.


rahimUsaamah Rahim: A Mother’s In-Depth Interview

By Musaa AbdurRahman
On June 26, 2015 The Islamic Monthly (TIM) posted an in-depth interviewwith Rahima Rahim, mother of Usaama Rahim. Sister Rahima recounts the events of her son’s demise, and delivers a riveting and thought provoking account of her family’s experience dealing with the recent tragedy.

faatimahTo the President’s Left: Some Reflections on the White House Iftar

By Faatimah Knight
I think it’s consequential for a student (or any representative) from the first Muslim liberal arts college in America to meet the first black president. We should not exist in different worlds, not when both claim to be working on behalf of the best interests of America and it’s people. It is at the very least, symbolically potent.

girlracistMapping the Intersections of Islamophobia & #BlackLivesMatter: Unearthing Black Muslim Life & Activism in the Policing Crisis

By Donna Auston
In the midst of the Baltimore uprisings, the work of the city’s Muslims to protect and care for black residents was truly amazing to witness.

baltimoreA View from the ‘Hood: On the Roots of the Baltimore Uprising

By Siddeeqah Sharif Fichman
Sandtown has definitely been destroyed, along with many other poor black areas of Baltimore City. But Sandtown was not destroyed by the residents two weeks ago in “riots” where people stole toilet paper and baby formula. Sandtown was destroyed slowly over decades by neglectful opportunist politicians who ignored the needs of our existing residents while creating campaigns to bring new residents to Baltimore, and slum lords who have amassed a great deal of wealth and property by  allowing half of the city to remain vacant and fall into ruin because they purchased properties solely for tax breaks without any intention of developing viable housing.