Participants in this online exhibit were given two simple requests: to submit a photo of themselves with the image of Malcolm X and a brief audio commentary that described what Malcolm X means to them. But what you will see and hear are not simple reflections, but refractions on his legacy. In physics, when light passes through two planes it is refracted, the light bends and changes direction and speed. These submissions work similarly. The legacy of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz, which is itself a kind of light, passes from him and them to you. These refractions of his legacy come from different perspectives and offer multiple ways to consider the profound and transformative impact of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, may Allah be pleased with him.
Click on images to listen to reflections.


Dr. Amina Wadud, Islamic Scholar and Activist

Big Samir

Big Samir, Performing Artist

Faatimah Knight

Faatimah Knight, Student


Rabiah Muhammad, English Professor

Um Ali Ridha

Um Ali Ridha, Mother and Son

Ubaydallah Evans

Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans, ALIM Scholar-in-Residence

Kamilah Shuaibe

Kamilah Mahasin Shuaibe, Cultural Social Artist

Maryam Muhammad

Maryam Y. Muhammad, Student

Zaynab Ansari

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, Tayseer Foundation Scholar-in-Residence

Nadim Ali

Imam Nadim Ali, Community Masjid of Atlanta

Hakeem Muhammad

Hakeem Muhammad, Student

Tom La Porte, Humanities Instructor

Imam Sultan R. Muhammad, National Imam of the Nation of Islam

Imam Sultan R. Muhammad, National Imam of the Nation of Islam

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