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Malikah A. Shabazz is the Arts & Culture Editor for Sapelo Square. She is a Detroit Native-Brooklyn Based Producer and Curator.

Back to Black: Are Black Muslims the new (old) face of American Islam?

by Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer If you passed the magazine section at your local newsstand or grocery store recently you might have seen two Muslims, actor Mahershala Ali and model Halima Aden, gracing the covers of this month’s GQ and Allure magazines, respectively. This inclusion is notable in light of […]

Black Muslim Music

by Amirah Muhammad My first instrument was my voice. Then, in sixth grade, I began learning how to play the trumpet. The trumpet not only introduced me to different music genres, but also to more of the beauty of black music. Black music is a big part of my identity […]

Ramadan 1438/2017: Black Muslims Reflect on the Quran – Juz’ 14

by Dr. Jamillah Karim If all the sky were paper and all the seas ink, I would not be able to describe the brutality of the slave trade.—W. Bosman, 1701 I read this quote at the entrance of the dungeons of Gorée Island, Senegal, where Africans were held before their […]

Ramadan 1438/2017 – Black Muslims Reflect On The Quran – Juz’ 13

by Abdul Jalil Muhammad Bismillah ar Rahman ir Raheem Alhamdulillah, juz’ 13 is a weighty juz’ that requires sincere reflection while necessitating a profound sense of taqwa. Yaqub (alayhi al-salam) is faced with the daunting, heart-wrenching experience of losing his beloved son Yusuf (alayhi al-salam). To make matters worse, while […]