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Where Do We Go From Here?: Action Steps (Livestream)

Sapelo Square closed out Black History Month 2017 with ‘Where Do We Go From Here: Action Steps.’ This dynamic livestream panel was a follow up to Sapelo Square’s post-election discussion ‘Where Do We Go From Here? Black Muslim Political Action.’ Panelists discussed what it means to be Black and Muslim in America under […]

Malcolm X: Five Myths

by Zaheer Ali February 21 marks fifty-two years since Malcolm X/El Hajj Malik Shabazz was assassinated. As much as his absence is felt, there are signs that his legacy still resonates today. From the recurring “X” iconography in Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance last year to Colin Kaepernick sporting a Malcolm X-Fidel […]

Muslim Ban, Anti-Blackness and African American Muslims

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos Since the signing of 45’s executive order on immigration, American Muslims from numerous backgrounds engaged in multifaceted forms of resistance. The need to amplify and work against the suppressive measures of the executive order discriminately targeting Muslims is obvious. However, recent calls for resistance stirred some tensions […]

Islam, Western Democracy and Imam WD Mohammed

by Salahuddin Muhammad Is Islam compatible with democracy? This is a question we often here in the media but is also asked by Muslims themselves. According to Imam W. D. Mohammed Western democracy is something Muslims living in America should not fear, but engaged because of its positive attributes. The fear […]