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What’s Next for Black American Muslims?

By Imam Dawud Walid Recently, different factors in American society have reenergized or, perhaps, provided more space for Muslims who are the descendants of enslaved Africans to center our concerns as part of the public debate within the broader American Muslim community. We have been involved in celebrating our cultural […]

Islam, Western Democracy and Imam WD Mohammed pt. 2

 by Salahuddin Muhammad W. D. Mohammed encouraged his companions not only to embrace the best of America’s brand of democracy, but also help make it better. He believed that the best approach is to become a part of the American fabric through civic engagement Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman exemplifies W. […]

Losing the Black Banu Hashem

By Kyle Isma’il “America is unique among western major democracies in that…a sizable number of its Muslims are native born converts…We are already a part of America, the Black community has secured that position for us. They are our Banu Hashim in the West…Through carelessness, through callousness, through…almost stupidity…we have […]

The Ballot or the Bullet: 2016

In April of 1964, Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El-Shabazz delivered his famous speech, Ballot or the Bullet. In this speech he called 1964 “the most explosive year America has witnessed.” He pointed out there was a new generation of Black youth who were deeply dissatisfied with the political status quo–interested […]