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Remembering The First Mosque in North Carolina

By Youssef Carter It is a recognized fact that the United States has been profoundly shaped by the experience and contributions of Black Muslims. Yet, the retelling of Black Muslim history is often missing from public educational spaces. Thus, it is a welcome surprise that […]

Taking Control of Our Narrative: The #BilalianExperience

By Rashida James-Saadiya In the United States, many media platforms struggle with being intersectional when representing Muslims. Thus the legacy lived experiences and complexities of Black Muslims in America is often ignored. Filmmaker and Sapelo Square’s Arts and Culture editor Malikah A. Shabazz confronts this […]

Do For Self: A Legacy Of Food And Resilience

By Kia Campbell  As a dietitian and nutrition educator, I often think about how marginalized communities are negatively affected by an inability to access healthy food. As an African American Muslim, who like, all African Americans, comes from a farming legacy, I believe that we […]