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Book Preview: 40 Hadith of ‘Aisha by Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight

by Kimberly Harper & Ryan Hilliard For her forthcoming publication Our Mother ‘Aisha: A Collection of 40 Hadith, Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight curated an array of 40 Prophetic narrations (Arabic: arba’in) that adds gravity to the body of modern women’s scholarship in Islam. The timeliness of […]

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When Shari’a Doesn’t Cover the Rent: The Hajar Paradigm as the Norm for Muslim Women in America

by Kimberly Harper & Ryan Hilliard What happens when a woman “is isolated from the network which had carried the promise of provision, protection and care”? How many of our muslimahs today find themselves in similar situations and must transition into the role of sole […]

Traversing the Path of Parenthood in Islam

by Dr. Kimberly Harper “We are resilient, we are beautiful. We will unapologetically affirm our humanity.” —Kameelah M. Rashad While continuing to highlight Islamic scholarship in the Black Muslim community in 2018, the Religion section will work to bring Sapelo Square readers stories about the […]

“I Got on My Knees and Cried” One Woman’s Journey from Agnostic to the Nation

In an interview on her blog “We Been Here,” Kiah Glenn sat down with Sister Zewdy X Awalom to give us a picture of Sr. Zewdy’s trajectory from apathy to the embrace of faith through the Nation of Islam (NOI). Sr. Zewdy’s story exemplifies the outcome […]