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Straight Outta Seminary: Expectations and Prospects for New Black Muslimah Scholars

﷽ By Ryan Hilliard “Our success started with creating our own value, our own images; but even as we created and promoted our own, we have been most effective when the mission is beyond establishing ourselves in this country, and showing compassion and concern for the people who were already […]

Commentary: Black Muslims and Black Issues

by Nuriddeen Knight Had I been born in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs, it would have been a good time to be Black. Black people were the ruling class. The oppressed class, at least for a period of time, was the Hebrews. But I was not born then; […]

A Trajectory of Manumission: Examining the Issue of Slavery in Islam

by Nathaniel Mathews A number of years ago I gave a lecture on Swahili coast history to a group of educators and students on Chicago’s South Side. During the Q&A period one older gentleman asked me why I didn’t say more about Muslim-led slavery of Africans in the Indian Ocean. […]

Responding to “Hoteps”: Three Points on “Islamic” Slavery

by Nathaniel Mathews When I was an undergrad at Howard in the mid-2000s, “hotep” was basically a “conscious” way to greet people; it signified that one had done some reading and research into Ancient Kemet. Over a decade later, the term ‘hotep’ has become a term of opprobrium, indicating someone […]