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Ramadan 1438/2017: Black Muslims Reflect on the Quran—Juz’ 26

by Shamar Hemphill The believers are a but a single family: So make peace and reconciliation between your brothers and sisters; and fear Allah, that you may receive Mercy — 49:10 We are in the midst of some of the most vulnerable times as it […]

Ramadan 1438/2017: Black Muslims Reflect on the Quran—Juz’ 25

by Nina Daoud   Throughout Juz’ 25 (41:47–45:37), a distinct message emerges about humanity’s natural tendency to focus on worldly matters. The juz’ begins with Surah al-Fussilat (Verses Made Clear), which focuses on the truthful and divine nature of the Qur’an while admonishing those who […]

Islamic Spirituality and Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The nature of the relationship between Islam and Africa has long been debated, and has recently prompted quite a bit of discussion among those interested in Islam’s utility for Black people in the West. Dawud Walid and Ahmad Mubarak’s book Centering Black Narrative: Black Muslim […]

Is Islam an Anti-Black Religion?

by Rasul Miller During the twentieth century, Islam and Muslims came to enjoy a largely positive reputation among Black communities throughout the country, particularly in urban centers. This was a byproduct of the increased visibility of Black American Muslims in these communities as various kinds […]