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By Vanessa Taylor Drawing on a rich literary and musical heritage, spoken word has become a

As the American Ummah continues to unpack the intersections of identity, otherness, and faith, it

By Rashida James-Saadiya Our genetic inheritance is precious. It is not a badge of inferiority for

“Do I make you feel uncomfortable?” This question is posed by body positive model and


In a recent post on her blog Hagar Lives, Dr. Jamillah Karim shares the transcript of a speech she delivered

by Sylvester A. Johnson and Edward E. Curtis IV from The Journal of Africana Religions, vol. 5, no. 1. Reposted

This month’s post is an abridged version of Shaykh Muhammad Nizami’s article, “There Was No Black ‘Contribution’ to Islam.” Here,

I first met Dr. Nyang when I was 8 years old in my hometown of Charleston, SC where I grew



This is our time as Muslims to show the real beauty of Islam. These challenges are great opportunities for dawah. We are not what they say we are. We are

As Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse said in a public address in his native language of Wolof, “Women are something great and magnificent in the sight of God…so we should not neglect

Allah is sufficient, and we are born into this world with a ticket returning us directly to him. -Kimberly Harper

Sometimes people will listen, sometimes people won't. Things like racism, misogyny, classism and all that are talked about in the Qur’an because they are frailties of the human heart and


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