Malcolm X: Five Myths

by Zaheer Ali February 21 marks fifty-two years since Malcolm X/El Hajj Malik Shabazz was assassinated. As much as his absence is felt, there are signs that his legacy still resonates today. From the recurring “X” iconography in Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance last year to Colin Kaepernick sporting a Malcolm X-Fidel […]

Profile: Sheikh Ameen Abdul Awal Al-Akkir

By Rasul Miller Black Muslims in the Americas have worked to acquire, preserve, and transmit knowledge of their religion throughout their sojourn in this part of the world. During the twentieth century, as Islam underwent a resurgence among Black Americans in urban centers around the country, a number of them […]

Black Muslims and the Politics of Black Respectability

by Rasul Miller The tendency to pathologize Black people has a long history. Particularly here in the West, people of African descent have been imagined to be abnormal and unhealthy in their behavior since the beginning of the modern era. This history has, of course, impacted Black Muslims in the […]

Muslim Ban, Anti-Blackness and African American Muslims

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos Since the signing of 45’s executive order on immigration, American Muslims from numerous backgrounds engaged in multifaceted forms of resistance. The need to amplify and work against the suppressive measures of the executive order discriminately targeting Muslims is obvious. However, recent calls for resistance stirred some tensions […]