The African Qurʾān: Ramadan Remedies for Racial and Religious Intolerance

by Dr. Rudolph B. Ware —“We tell you the best tales in what We have revealed to you of this Qurʾān ”— Qurʾān , Sura Yusuf, 12:3 “The night of my Ascent, I saw Moses who was a tall, brown-skinned, kinky-haired man.” Authentic Saying of the Prophet, Saḥīḥ Bukhāri, 462 […]

Ramadan 1437/2016: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 2

By Margari Aziza Hill  Today is the second day of fasting in the month of Ramadan, with many of us reading the second of thirty equal portions (juz) of the Holy Qur’an. This section of the Qur’an is comprised of the chapter Al-Baqarah (The Cow) verses 142 to 252. In […]

Ramadan 1437/2016: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 1

By Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans ALIF. LĀM. MĪM. The first verse of Sūrat al-Baqarah and perhaps one of the most well known of the Qur’ān is simply three seemingly unrelated letters, known as ḥurūf al-muqaṭṭa’āt. The vast majority of classical Muslim authorities consider these disjoined letter combinations, which begin twenty-nine separate chapters […]

Black Muslim Politics

by Sapelo Square This special feature provides an insight into Black Muslim Politics. Please Click Here! to access all the posts related to this special feature.