Kalief Browder and Black Suicide

By Faatimah Knight | Kalief Browder committed suicide this past Saturday in his home after losing a battle against depression that intensified during years of abuse inflicted upon him by guards and fellow inmates at Rikers Prison in New York.

Brother Ali: Breakin’ It Down

By Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed | “Hip-Hop is what brought me to Al-Islam; and enslaved Africans and their
trajectory and their sojourn; and their beautiful display of humanity; and love for the Divine is
what brought me to Al-Islam; through music, and in my mind there is no way to disconnect.”

On Naming and Defining the Self

By Shaykh Muhammad Shareef | The ability to ‘name’ is the primary function of Adam and constitutes his and his progeny’s distinction and autonomy from the rest of creational realities. If you named yourself, then you defined yourself and established the demarcation of the diameter of your identity, which in turn presaged the circumference of what you will be.

Feet Firmly Planted on Sapelo

By Bashirah Mack My earliest memories of Sapelo are steeped in girlhood from my father’s fascinating stories about the island off the coast of Georgia where our African Muslim ancestors lived and practiced Islam as early as the 1800s. The narrative of Bilali Muhammad, a well educated African Muslim enslaved […]