Black Muslim Politics: A Journey with Food After Embracing Islam

A gift from Sister Luvenia Woods-Jones  Sister Luvenia Woods-Jones (formally Luvenia X) has shared a gift with Sapelo Square readers: an original list of foods that members of the Nation of Islam could eat and could not eat in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, along with several recipes that she received during her first year […]

Setting the Record Straight on Sharia: An Interview with Dr. Intisar Rabb

In this interview, Dr. Intisar Rabb responds to questions about the nature of Sharia, its role in the US and controversies about “creeping Sharia.”

A Sacrificial Lamb: Reflections on Suffering and Comfort

by Faatimah Knight For many death is not a subject that readily lends itself to reflection. It’s elusiveness and general undesirability keeps us at an arm’s length from it. Death is a constant worry and an unrelenting threat to the permanence we know so well. Yet, dying is just as […]

We Hold These Truths

By Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed I’m embarrassed to admit there was a time in my life that I wanted to disassociate myself from my ancestral heritage. Back in 2005 I was in the Baltimore-Washington International Airport about to fly home during my winter break from college. When I approached the counter to […]