Profile: The Yellow House in Medina Baye, Senegal

By Samiha Rahman Aminah Abdullah, a 12-year-old African American girl from Brooklyn, NY, boarded a plane with her 5-year-old sister Tauhidah in July of 1988. They were headed to Senegal to memorize the Qu’ran. Though their mother herself had never been to Africa, she felt […]

Profile: Mustafa Davis & Usama Canon

For ten years Usama Canon and Mustafa Davis have been the dynamic duo of Ta’leef Collective. Ta’leef’s mantra, “come as you are, to Islam as it is,” sums up the ideal experience for anyone curious to learn about the faith of 1.6 billion people. The […]

Profile: Mark Crain and the DREAM of Detroit

By Hazel Gomez For a lot of people, Detroit represents something negative. People who have never stepped foot onto her tough soil vehemently proclaim they do not want their city to “become Detroit.” What does it mean to “become Detroit?” To “become Detroit” is to […]

A Podcast on Race, Gender and Muslims in America: Episode 1 | My Umi Says

By Ikhlas Saleem | Haya wa Iman is a podcast on race, gender and Muslims in America. In this first episode, “Umi Says,” Ikhlas Saleem sits down with her mother, Surayyah Fareed, to discuss conversion, community and grandma’s famous BBQ sauce.