Profile: Mark Crain and the DREAM of Detroit

By Hazel Gomez For a lot of people, Detroit represents something negative. People who have never stepped foot onto her tough soil vehemently proclaim they do not want their city to “become Detroit.” What does it mean to “become Detroit?” To “become Detroit” is to […]

A Podcast on Race, Gender and Muslims in America: Episode 1 | My Umi Says

By Ikhlas Saleem | Haya wa Iman is a podcast on race, gender and Muslims in America. In this first episode, “Umi Says,” Ikhlas Saleem sits down with her mother, Surayyah Fareed, to discuss conversion, community and grandma’s famous BBQ sauce.

Profile: Mother Khadijah Faisal

By Rasul Miller  In a well known oral tradition attributed to Prophet Muhammad (s), it is said that he exhorted his followers to treat their mothers with respect and deference, informing them, “Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother.” That Khadijah Faisal is almost […]

Profile: Intisar A. Rabb

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid When Muslims welcome the advent of a child in their lives they tend to seek inspiration from the Holy Qur’an to bestow upon the new life a title that the child can aspire to. However you translate it, Intisar (Winning, Success, […]