Praising the Prophet: Just a Question of How

The Prophet’s birthday has come and gone, but his benefit remains. There is no debate over whether Prophet Muhammad should be praised; it is clear in what he has said about himself and in what God says about him in the Qur’an, that we are […]

Mawlid: On Celebrating the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

  It is accepted Muslim tradition that the Prophet Muhammad (s) was born in the month of Rabi al-Awwal, the third month of the Hijri or Islamic calendar. What is not accepted Muslim tradition is whether or not Muslims should commemorate the Prophet’s(s) birth. For […]

On Being Black and Muslim Today

If you happen to be a Black Muslim in the United States, then you’re hit with the double zing of what it feels like to have two very visible aspects of your identity become the daily talking points…

New Business on the Block: Carver’s Produce

Interview with Yasmeen Sabir from Carver’s Produce    Carver’s Produce is a new food distributor which provides access to fresh organic produce and halal meats. The organic products are selected and reviewed by industry experts to ensure quality and satisfaction. The meats are halal and […]