On Being Black and Muslim Today

If you happen to be a Black Muslim in the United States, then you’re hit with the double zing of what it feels like to have two very visible aspects of your identity become the daily talking points…

New Business on the Block: Carver’s Produce

Interview with Yasmeen Sabir from Carver’s Produce    Carver’s Produce is a new food distributor which provides access to fresh organic produce and halal meats. The organic products are selected and reviewed by industry experts to ensure quality and satisfaction. The meats are halal and […]

A Tribute to Shaikh Daoud Faisal [PART ONE]

Introduction by Rasul Miller In order to fully appreciate the rich history of the African American Islamic experience it is important for us to reflect on our history and evaluate ourselves within the context of our historical progress. In the first part of a two part […]

The Case for More African American Muslim Scientists and Physicians

By Dr. Khalil Marcus Lambert I recently had the pleasure of having an intimate conversation with Dr. Louis Wade Sullivan, Secretary of Health and Human Services under President George H. W. Bush and founding Dean of Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Sullivan shared some of his […]