Elegy for the Khimar: A Community Poem*

But, for real, remember when we just wore khimars?

To Muslims Who Do Not Say, “Salaam”

A Poem and Interview with Aisha Sharif To Muslims Who Do Not Say, Salaam All your life, you’ve tried to muffle the sound of your father trumpeting the adhan in your ear every day, five times a day. You’ve hung your mother in the closet of your […]

An Introduction: America’s Islamic Heritage

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid In this brief video from America’s Islamic Heritage Museum viewers are presented with a timeline of significant historical events in America that highlight Muslim figures such as Yarrow Mamout. This video is short, 6 minutes in its entirety, and is by […]

Yarrow Mamout Finally Receives a Proper Funeral

By Nisa Islam Muhammad Photos by Karim Ali & Imam Talib M. Shareef Originally published in the Muslim Journal online. WASHINGTON, DC—In 1752 during the height of the slave trade, Yarrow Mamout, a 16-year-old Muslim was captured in Guinea and shipped to Annapolis, Md. where he […]