A Peculiar Kind of Worship

By Faatimah Knight | It is sometimes noted that fasting is a peculiar kind of worship. This peculiarity comes from fasting being not so much an action as a non-action.

Eid al-Fitr—It’s a Black Thang, Too

By Su’ad Abdul Khabeer | The black Muslim celebrations I am describing don’t look much like the Hollywood version of our faith. We are part of the African diaspora, with roots in the Caribbean, Latin America and the American South.

Ramadan Mixtape 1436/2015

Ramadan Mubarak! Some inspirational music for these last days and nights of Ramadan 1436! Track Listing: Ramadan is Here: Suad El Amin Ramadan is Here: Native Deen Allah Did: Imam Wilmore Sadiki Come to Allah: The Whizdom Kids Best Names: Miss Undastood Allah: Khalil Ismail Grow […]

Sadaqah, Saraka and Sapelo

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid | While in this blessed month of Ramadhan that calls all Muslims to good behavior, prayer, remembrance of Allah (Thikr) and Qur’an recitation, another of Allah’s commands zakat (charity) also takes its most prominent role.