The Relevance of Black American Muslim Thought

Over the years, many Black American Muslims have been at the forefront of articulating Islamic thought for the growing American Muslim community. But this seems to have changed as a dominant narrative has taken over.

A View from the ‘Hood: On the Roots of the Baltimore Uprising

“Baltimore’s population is not one that you would want to anger,” I recall telling several friends from abroad. Then after several weeks of peaceful protests went largely ignored by the media, police and politicians alike, my neighborhood erupted.

Malcolm X

by Sapelo Square This special feature provides an insight into Malcolm X. Please Click Here! to access all the posts related to this special feature.  

“These Are the Breaks” (and Continuities): Curating the Malcolm X Mixtape

The Malcolm X Mixtape is a collaborative project by the Students of “Black Studies 190: Malcolm X” (Spring 2011 and Spring 2015) at The City College of New York under the direction of Zaheer Ali. The Mixtape documents songs, from multiple musical genres, that reflect […]