Usaamah Rahim: A Mother’s In-Depth Interview

On June 26, 2015 The Islamic Monthly (TIM) posted an in-depth interview with Rahima Rahim, mother of Usaama Rahim. Sister Rahima recounts the events of her son’s demise, and delivers a riveting and thought provoking account of her family’s experience dealing with the recent tragedy. She recalls her […]

To the President’s Left: Some Reflections on the White House Iftar

By Faatimah Knight | I think it’s consequential for a student (or any representative) from the first Muslim liberal arts college in America to meet the first black president. We should not exist in different worlds, not when both claim to be working on behalf of the best interests of America and it’s people. It is at the very least, symbolically potent.

Kalief Browder and Black Suicide

By Faatimah Knight | Kalief Browder committed suicide this past Saturday in his home after losing a battle against depression that intensified during years of abuse inflicted upon him by guards and fellow inmates at Rikers Prison in New York.

Brother Ali: Breakin’ It Down

By Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed | “Hip-Hop is what brought me to Al-Islam; and enslaved Africans and their
trajectory and their sojourn; and their beautiful display of humanity; and love for the Divine is
what brought me to Al-Islam; through music, and in my mind there is no way to disconnect.”