Preserving The Legacy

The rich history of Muslims in the United States remains largely inaccessible to the average American, but history reveals that Muslims have contributed, both directly and indirectly, to building, shaping, and challenging America. Contributions made by Black Muslims, one of the largest ethnic groups of Muslims in America, have made the most profound impact on US society but also have been, paradoxically, the least visible. The goal of this photo documentation project is to chronicle and preserve this rich legacy.

At Sapelo Square, we believe in telling our own stories. In 2017 we launched our first photography and oral history documentation project, Preserving The Legacy: Portraits and Stories Capturing Black Muslim Life. In collaboration with world-renowned photographers Rog & Bee Walker of Paper Monday, Preserving The Legacy will present an in-depth look at the contemporary experience of Black Muslims in America. Through portraits and interviews with Black Muslims from all walks of life, we will chronicle, curate, and shine light on the Black Muslim community in America — a community that has historically been at the forefront championing the principles of freedom, justice, and equality.

With the passing of a generation of community pioneers and the trenchant racism and inequality that marks this current moment, telling Black Muslim stories has become even more urgent. These stories are powerful for the histories they hold, the life lessons they provide, and the futures they will inspire.


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