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On The Square Podcast Season 2

On The Square: Real Talk on Race and Islam in the Americas, is a podcast produced by Sapelo Square in collaboration with the Maydan. Sapelo squad members get “on the square” with guests in lively and unfiltered conversations on a wide range of real issues from preserving Black art to representation in the appellate court system and how it all relates to being Black and Muslim in the world. Like our award-winning website, On The Square is a digital space where we come together, exchange, celebrate, debate and always keep it real. On The Square is supported by the Maydan at AbuSulayman Center for Global Islamic Studies.

On this episode of On the Square, Sapelo's ED speaks to Juvaria Khan, the founder and executive director of The Appellate Project.

In this episode of On The Square, Sapelo Square’s News Editor Dr. Nisa Muhammad, speaks with Yaya Fanusie, creator of The Jabbari Lincoln Files.

In this episode of On The Square, it’s all about our Black boys! Sapelo Square’s Executive Director, Latasha Rouseau, speaks with Atiba Saleem Jones, the founder and Executive Director of

Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed, Special Projects Lead sits down with Bee Walker, photographer, filmmaker and one-half of Paper Monday. Within this episode, Aïdah and Bee talk about the beginning stages behind