Book Preview: 40 Hadith of ‘Aisha by Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight

by Kimberly Harper & Ryan Hilliard For her forthcoming publication Our Mother ‘Aisha: A Collection of 40 Hadith, Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight curated an array of 40 Prophetic narrations (Arabic: arba’in) that adds gravity to the body of modern women’s scholarship in Islam. The timeliness of this publication comes at a […]

Power of the Griot: An Interview With Mohamed Tall

By Vanessa Taylor Drawing on a rich literary and musical heritage, spoken word has become a staple within Black communities. The legacy of spoken word is a continuation of ancestral stories, a genre that sprang from a multitude of inspirational points and it has assisted the creation of many others […]

Say His Name: The Significance of Stephon Clark

By Sapelo Square Geographer and activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore defines racism [1] as “the state-sanctioned or extralegal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerability to premature death.” This definition describes a reality that Black people know well. A reality in which by virtue of who you are not — not white, and/or male, […]

Muslims and Jazz in 1953

From Ebony Magazine, April 1953 Today’s post is from an Ebony Magazine article published in 1953 that explored the growing popularity of Islam among Black American jazz artists. The article provides a window into the important connection between jazz and the spread of Islam among Black Americans from the 1940s […]