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F*ck Tha Police: A Rumination on Black Life and Death

The police must be abolished because they cannot protect and serve when the perpetuation of Black death is at the very root of the institution.


Mapping the Intersections of Islamophobia & #BlackLivesMatter: Unearthing Black Muslim Life & Activism in the Policing Crisis

By Donna Auston First Posted on May 19th, 2015 James Baldwin once said, “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage nearly almost all of the time.” Last month, Baltimore erupted, and the rest of America got a glimpse into […]


“The Name Means Everything”: On the Birth of the Black Muslim

by Will Caldwell First Posted on April 19th, 2016  “From Mr. Muhammad on down, the name, ‘Black Muslims,’ distressed everyone in the Nation of Islam. I tried at least two years to kill off that ‘Black Muslims.’ Every newspaper and magazine writer and microphone I got close to: ‘No! We are […]

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Where Did All That Power Go?: Black Muslims in the Movement for Community Control and Police Accountability

The Nation’s 1972 call for local control of the police was not atypical. Black Sunni Muslims in urban American cities pursued similar strategies. While they may not have mounted campaigns for all-Black police forces, many initiated efforts to maintain law and order in their own neighborhoods.

Sapelo Juz 2 (finalized)

Ramadan: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 2

By Margari Aziza Hill  Today is the second day of fasting in the month of Ramadan, with many of us reading the second of thirty equal portions (juz) of the Holy Qur’an. This section of the Qur’an is comprised of the chapter Al-Baqarah (The Cow) verses 142 to 252. In […]


Black Muslim Politics: Anthems

anthem, n. a popular song with rousing, emotive, qualities, often one identified with a particular subculture, social group, or cause


Black Churches Burning- Speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Emerging Leaders Plenary

First Posted on October 20th, 2015 First I’d like to thank the Parliament of World Religions for inviting me here, I feel honored and humbled to be on this stage given the fact that I am so early in my own journey. I’d like to begin by talking to you […]

Empty road

Road Trip

They were leaving. Where exactly? She and her son had yet to decide. There were no good choices. But staying was not an option.


Profile: Sheikh Ameen Abdul Awal Al-Akkir

By Rasul Miller Black Muslims in the Americas have worked to acquire, preserve, and transmit knowledge of their religion throughout their sojourn in this part of the world. During the twentieth century, as Islam underwent a resurgence among Black Americans in urban centers around the country, a number of them […]


Black Muslims and the Politics of Black Respectability

by Rasul Miller The tendency to pathologize Black people has a long history. Particularly here in the West, people of African descent have been imagined to be abnormal and unhealthy in their behavior since the beginning of the modern era. This history has, of course, impacted Black Muslims in the […]


Muslim Ban, Anti-Blackness and African American Muslims

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos Since the signing of 45’s executive order on immigration, American Muslims from numerous backgrounds engaged in multifaceted forms of resistance. The need to amplify and work against the suppressive measures of the executive order discriminately targeting Muslims is obvious. However, recent calls for resistance stirred some tensions […]


Ṭayyib: The Foundation of Ethical Eating & Conscious Consumption

by Imām Dawood Yāsīn ﷽ When I became Muslim in the mid-nineties there were not many halal food options beyond large cities. The options that did exist were very limited, mostly unregulated and the concepts of humane, antibiotic and hormone free were not even considered. However, in a relatively short period […]