Meet Me at the Fountain: the Prophetic Imperative of Liberating, Centering and Supporting the Oppressed

by Yusuf ‘Abdul-Jami’ (Jimmie Jones) Ka’b ibn Ujrah narrated, “The Messenger of Allah said to me: ‘I seek refuge in Allah for you, O Ka’b bin Ujrah, from leader that will be after me. Whoever comes to their doors to approve of their lies and supports them in their oppression, […]

Where Did All That Power Go?: Black Muslims in the Movement for Community Control and Police Accountability

By Rasul Miller First Posted on Sept 1st, 2015 On April 14th, 1972, a man claiming to be a Detective Thomas from New York City’s 28th police precinct placed a call requesting assistance for a fellow officer in distress. The call, later determined to be a fake, prompted two officers to […]

Dick Gregory is My Comedy Father

by Preacher Moss In a 2014 commercial for Kevin Durant’s Nike KD 7 shoes, an old man kicks off the commercial by saying, “The best?! I don’t want to talk about who’s the best. I want to talk about who’s the baddest!” That old man was Dick Gregory. In the […]

The Islam of Black Revolutionaries

In this edited excerpt, from Hakeem Muhammad’s blog by the same name, the author gives a historical account of what he provocatively describes as the “Islam of Black Revolutionaries.” He argues that Black revolutionary Islam is a long tradition rooted in a deep history of Black Muslim resistance to white […]