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By Kameelah Mu’Min Rashad “Within white supremacist capitalist culture, black people are not supposed to be

The growing popularity of international travel among African Americans often referred to as “the Black

Storytellers are carriers of history, cultural memory, resilience and hope. Tariq Touré is a storyteller,

Before the 1960s, the dominant images of U.S. Muslims highlighted in the media and popular


Imagine the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and you will undoubtedly picture a man wearing a cap embroidered with a large star

By Rasul Miller Today’s post features a short talk by Sekou Odinga about the need to free political prisoners held in

From Ebony Magazine, May 1975 The final post in our series on the Black press’s coverage of Black Muslims in the

From Ebony Magazine, September 1964 Captions like “[w]ildly cheering crowds in Kumasi, Ghana,” and “military guard assigned to keep Clay fans



The personality of Moses plays a great role in the Black tradition. Many luminaries of Black America were referred to as doing the “work of Moses.”- Imam Yasin Dwyer

"[They] are standing on the earth because the spiritual life of man takes place here, on this plane, not in a remote location separate from himself. And it is here,

"This is important to understand because divine context is often necessary to put tragedy into perspective. When you witness destruction in the motherland or the indiscriminate killing of your loved

Collectively, we must ask ourselves if our words and behavior show respect for the hardships and silent pain Black Muslim women endure on behalf of the community.- Kameelah Rashid


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