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womenCelebrate with Sapelo Square!

Sapelo Square is calling for submissions of photos that document being Black and Muslim during Ramadan & Eid Al Fitr. We would like to showcase the dynamic ways “we do what we do” in the African American Muslim experience.

BrotherAliBrother Ali: Breakin’ It Down

By Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed

 “Hip-Hop is what brought me to Al-Islam; and enslaved Africans and their trajectory and their sojourn; and their beautiful display of humanity; and love for the Divine is what brought me to Al-Islam; through music, and in my mind there is no way to disconnect.”

her feetParadise is Under Her Feet: Honoring Our Sister’s Sacrifices

Visual Verse [A Poem & Film] By Mustafa Davis and Amir Sulaiman

 Film director/photographer, Mustafa Davis and poet/recording artist, Amir Sulaiman teamed up to do an art series entitled, VisualVerse. These are spontaneous mash-up collaborations. Sometimes Mustafa will shoot something and Amir will give his interpretation in verse. Other times, Amir will write and record a poem, song, monologue and send it to Mustafa for him to add visuals. This collaboration was completed in a 24 hour period.

BilalDaughters of the Dust: A Classic in American Cinema

By Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed

Julie Dash’s film Daughters of the Dust is one of the most visually brilliant films in American cinema. Shot with only natural light, the film feels almost like a documentary, along with having some qualities of ethnography film. Dash’s story beautifully weaves layers of a painful history juxtaposed with striking visuals of the landscape. A few characters hold special merits, representing unique historical and cultural traditions, religious practices, and contemporary customs, which serve as the foundation for some African American’s today.