sadaqahSadaqah, Saraka and Sapelo

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid

While in this blessed month of Ramadhan that calls all Muslims to good behavior, prayer, remembrance of Allah (Thikr) and Qur’an recitation, another of Allah’s commands zakat (charity) also takes its most prominent role.

sapeloFeet Firmly Planted on Sapelo

By Bashirah Mack

My earliest memories of Sapelo are steeped in girlhood from my father’s fascinating stories about the island off the coast of Georgia where our African Muslim ancestors lived and practiced Islam as early as the 1800s. The narrative of Bilali Muhammad, a well educated African Muslim enslaved on Sapelo and arguably the first author of Islamic Jurisprudence in America, remained vivid with me. Some 20 years passed before I made intentions, packed my bags, and hit the road south from Atlanta with Sapelo as my destination in mind.

black muslim womenNarratives of Black Muslim Women: Between the Nation and Sunni Islam

By Jamillah Karim

Like black Christian women, black Muslim women both accommodate and resist gender norms in their communities within the context of the broader goal of racial justice.