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Believers Bail Out

Believers Bail Out by Khadijah Abdul-Haqq Across the United States, half a million defendants are held in the criminal court system pre-trial simply because they are unable to pay their cash bond. The vast majority of them are Black and other People of Color. During […]

The Nation of Islam Mourns Elijah Muhammad

From Ebony Magazine, May 1975 The final post in our series on the Black press’s coverage of Black Muslims in the mid-twentieth century comes from Ebony Magazine’s article on the funeral and legacy of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The head of the Nation of Islam […]

Taking Control of Our Narrative: The #BilalianExperience

By Rashida James-Saadiya In the United States, many media platforms struggle with being intersectional when representing Muslims. Thus the legacy lived experiences and complexities of Black Muslims in America is often ignored. Filmmaker and Sapelo Square’s Arts and Culture editor Malikah A. Shabazz confronts this […]

Book Preview: 40 Hadith of ‘Aisha by Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight

by Kimberly Harper & Ryan Hilliard For her forthcoming publication Our Mother ‘Aisha: A Collection of 40 Hadith, Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight curated an array of 40 Prophetic narrations (Arabic: arba’in) that adds gravity to the body of modern women’s scholarship in Islam. The timeliness of […]