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“I Got on My Knees and Cried” One Woman’s Journey from Agnostic to the Nation

In an interview on her blog “We Been Here,” Kiah Glenn sat down with Sister Zewdy X Awalom to give us a picture of Sr. Zewdy’s trajectory from apathy to the embrace of faith through the Nation of Islam (NOI). Sr. Zewdy’s story exemplifies the outcome of Islam’s aim: to cultivate […]

Top 10 Highlights of 2017

by Bashirah Mack From the birth of new collaborations to the loss of community leaders, 2017 has been an eventful year. For Sapelo Square, this meant embarking on strategic partnerships to produce, document, and archive the rich narratives of Black Muslims in the United States while confronting the critical urgency […]

Does the Apple Fall Far From Prison (Tree)?

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a child when their parents or guardians are incarcerated? Where do you go? Who do you live with? Are you at a higher risk of being incarcerated too? How do children learn to cope when daddy goes to jail? In this […]

There Was No Black ‘Contribution’ to Islam

This month’s post is an abridged version of Shaykh Muhammad Nizami’s article, “There Was No Black ‘Contribution’ to Islam.” Here, Nizami calls us to consider how the notion that Black Muslims have made a “contribution” to Islam in fact positions them as “fringe associates rather than inherent fellows.” He demonstrates […]