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Islamic Spirituality and Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The nature of the relationship between Islam and Africa has long been debated, and has recently prompted quite a bit of discussion among those interested in Islam’s utility for Black people in the West. Dawud Walid and Ahmad Mubarak’s book Centering Black Narrative: Black Muslim Nobles Among the Early Pious […]

Is Islam an Anti-Black Religion?

by Rasul Miller During the twentieth century, Islam and Muslims came to enjoy a largely positive reputation among Black communities throughout the country, particularly in urban centers. This was a byproduct of the increased visibility of Black American Muslims in these communities as various kinds of Islamic religious movements grew […]

The History of African American Sunni Muslims

by Rasul Miller Join our history co-editor, Rasul Miller, this month for a two-part lecture on the history of African American Sunni communities in the United States. This series from Lamppost Productions presents this history as an important and foundational part of the story of Islam in the United States. […]

(Profile) Centering Black Narrative: An Interview with Imam Dawud Walid

By Dawud Walid & Will Caldwell We interviewed Imam Dawud Walid about a new book he co-authored with Ahmad Mubarak, Centering Black Narrative: Black Muslim Nobles among the Early Pious Muslims. The book profiles various dark-skinned companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who, today, would would be perceived as “black.” The authors […]