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Seeing Myself in “Ya Husayn” and the Resonance of Ancestral Familiarity

by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer I did not grow up commemorating Muharram. And not for reasons I have read from others; I wasn’t raised to be a Shi’a-hating Sunni nor was my Sunni family sublimating the significance of Karbala. I did not grow up commemorating Muharram as the Exodus either… I […]

Imam Hussain: A Beacon of Justice for Black Lives

by Brother Adibudeen The battle of Karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain ibn Ali in 680 CE is often exclusively viewed as a Shia issue. Every year millions of Shia Muslims remember the events at Karbala that took place on Ashura (the 10th day of Muharram on the Islamic […]

Meet Me at the Fountain: the Prophetic Imperative of Liberating, Centering and Supporting the Oppressed

by Yusuf ‘Abdul-Jami’ (Jimmie Jones) Ka’b ibn Ujrah narrated, “The Messenger of Allah said to me: ‘I seek refuge in Allah for you, O Ka’b bin Ujrah, from leader that will be after me. Whoever comes to their doors to approve of their lies and supports them in their oppression, […]

Straight Outta Seminary: Expectations and Prospects for New Black Muslimah Scholars

﷽ By Ryan Hilliard “Our success started with creating our own value, our own images; but even as we created and promoted our own, we have been most effective when the mission is beyond establishing ourselves in this country, and showing compassion and concern for the people who were already […]