“These Are the Breaks” (and Continuities): Curating the Malcolm X Mixtape

The Malcolm X Mixtape is a collaborative project by the Students of “Black Studies 190: Malcolm X” (Spring 2011 and Spring 2015) at The City College of New York under the direction of Zaheer Ali. The Mixtape documents songs, from multiple musical genres, that reflect the influence and global impact of Malcolm X.


Below is a lecture by Zaheer Ali given at Duke University on curating the Malcolm X Mixtape Project (http://mxmixtape.tumblr.com):

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  • Salaam,
    Masha Allah this is awesome, thank you to everyone involved with Sapelo Square for your efforts. Very excited to have discovered your site!

    I put this together about a year ago, and I ask Allah to make it a source of benefit to whomever listens. — https://soundcloud.com/rhlhmedia/sets/mixtapemalcolm

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