Refracting Light: 2015 Malcolm X Special Feature

by Sapelo Square

This special feature provides an insight into Malcolm X. Click on titles to read more!

Refracting Light: An Online Photo and Audio Exhibit on the legacy of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz

Participants in this online exhibit were given two simple requests: to submit a photo of themselves with the image of Malcolm X and a brief audio commentary that described what Malcolm X means to them. But what you will see and hear are not simple reflections, but refractions on his legacy. In physics, when light passes through two planes it is refracted, the light bends and changes direction and speed. These submissions work similarly. The legacy of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El Shabazz, which is itself a kind of light, passes from him and them to you. These refractions of his legacy come from different perspectives and offer multiple ways to consider the profound and transformative impact of Malcolm X/Al Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, may Allah be pleased with him.

These Are the Breaks” (and Continuities): Curating the Malcolm X Mixtape

The Malcolm X Mixtape is a collaborative project by the Students of “Black Studies 190: Malcolm X” (Spring 2011 and Spring 2015) at The City College of New York under the direction of Zaheer Ali. The Mixtape documents songs, from multiple musical genres, that reflect the influence and global impact of Malcolm X.

X Speaks: The Oppressed Masses of the World Cry Out for Action Against the Common Oppressor

Throughout February 2015, artist Nsenga Knight invited members of the Black Muslim community to collectively perform or present Malcolm X’s final eight speeches on the exact dates they were delivered 50 years prior and reflect on his continuing pertinence.

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