An Introduction: America’s Islamic Heritage

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid

In this brief video from America’s Islamic Heritage Museum viewers are presented with a timeline of significant historical events in America that highlight Muslim figures such as Yarrow Mamout. This video is short, 6 minutes in its entirety, and is by no means a thorough investigation of Muslim American history, but that is the point.  Where does one go to get a factual and detailed account of the Islamic encounter with Islam? When everyone but indigenous Muslims are speaking up or selling out their story where is the genuine African American Muslim voice?

Watch the video, talk about the video, discuss your place in America’s Muslim history and take steps to preserve that history and strengthen that history for generations to come.  Join together to create the ummah that Prophet Muhammad (saw) called upon us to create and stand strong in the face of oppressors who seek to destroy true Islam.

Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid is a part-time lecturer in the departments of Pan African Studies and Humanities at the University of Louisville. Her research interests focus on the African American and Native American Islamic experiences (Slavery-Melungeons-20th Century Islamic Movements-Present Day) with emphasis on minority voices.

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