Master Plan (AUDIO)

by Sapelo Square
As a musical prelude to our upcoming special feature on music in the Black Muslim community we offer: Master Plan. Mixed by the one and only DJ Maryam Kashmere, Master Plan tells a story about the Black Muslim experience in the United States through a unique mix of smooth and soulful sounds of jazz and hip hop. Enjoy!
::Full Track List::
Uprising by Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith and Ed Blackwell
Peace by The Ensemble Al-Salaam
Palace Slide by Shabazz Palaces
Bury Me Next To You by Bilal
Wide Open (Roomy) by Zaimah
It’s Been a Long TIme by Rakim
Hallelujah by Amir Sulaiman
Word is Bond by Poor Righteous Teachers
The Forest by Charles Lloyd and Billy Higgins
Oklahoma Trek by Three Generationz
Allah and Justice by Brand Nubian
Black Roses by The Reminders
Sister Mamie by Yusuf Lateef
You Ain’t Hard (featuring Raheem Devaughn) by Maimouna Youssef
Shahada by Suad El-Amin
Casbah by Abdul Rahim Ibrahim (Doug Carn)
Faith and Deeds by Hijrah
Creator Has a Master Plan (excerpt) by Pharoah Saunders
I Love Music by Ahmad Jamal Trio
Summertime by Lynn Hope
Artists featured on the mix include Rakim, Maimouna Youssef, Amir Sulaiman and The Reminders who will all be performing at the nation’s largest Muslim-led urban international festival, Takin’ It to the Streets.  So be sure to take a listen as you gear up for Streets 2016!  For more information on the festival:
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  • Hats off and Bravo! to everyone involved in this project!
    It is refreshing to witness the open exhibition of African American culture in all its diversity both here and abroad. Yes we have come a long way, and we still have a long way to go. Like a compass; Master Plan points the Way to bigger and better things (Insha-Allah)
    Music is one of the great gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator. And we must use it and all the other Arts and Sciences to firm up our community presence here on the planet earth and as a continued confirmation of our unique relationship with the Creator and the Creation..
    Hats off to all involved in this project…and prayers to the memory of all those artists and musicians who sacrificed their lives along the way. ‘Peace be upon our beloved ancestors upon whose shoulders we stand.’

  • Peace be upon you,
    Thank you for posting this mindful and motivational audio selection. I want to thank you for including Najjar Abdul Musawwir’s image in this blog. We appreciate your support!

    Lavon Pettis
    Creative Manager to Najjar
    2016 Takin’ It to the Streets Lead Planner

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