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Reflections: a Black Muslim Woman’s 40-Year Journey with Islam

The following narrative is an excerpt from the book Why We Chose This Way, a compilation of creative nonfiction essays written by Turiya S. A. Raheem. These essays are based on interviews she conducted with Black Muslim women, as well as her own experiences. In the excerpt below, taken from […]

Ramadan 2017

by Sapelo Square This special feature provides an insight into the posts related to Ramadan 2017. Please Click Here! to access all the posts related to this special feature.

Straight Outta Seminary: Expectations and Prospects for New Black Muslimah Scholars

﷽ By Ryan Hilliard “Our success started with creating our own value, our own images; but even as we created and promoted our own, we have been most effective when the mission is beyond establishing ourselves in this country, and showing compassion and concern for the people who were already […]

Back to Black: Are Black Muslims the new (old) face of American Islam?

by Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer If you passed the magazine section at your local newsstand or grocery store recently you might have seen two Muslims, actor Mahershala Ali and model Halima Aden, gracing the covers of this month’s GQ and Allure magazines, respectively. This inclusion is notable in light of […]