Does the Apple Fall Far From Prison (Tree)?

Have you ever wondered what life is like for a child when their parents or guardians are incarcerated? Where do you go? Who do you live with? Are you at a higher risk of being incarcerated too? How do children learn to cope when daddy goes to jail? In this TEDx event at Howard University, Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad discusses the stigmas placed on the children of incarcerated parents and how they are triumphant despite the social and political odds. Does the Apple Fall Far From Prison (Tree)? In many instances it falls very, very far from prison (tree).


Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad is an assistant professor of criminology in the Sociology Department at Howard University. Her research primarily focuses on the lived experiences of children of incarcerated parents. This research has taken her around the world interviewing families and children. Dr. Muhammad is the originator of the innovative Inside-Outside course that is held at a correctional institution with students from Howard University and inmates. This class as well as her Policing Inside-Out course, are both offered exclusively at Howard University. The Policing course addresses questions on race relations with minority communities and law enforcement with both students and law enforcement in the class.

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