Ramadan 1440/2019: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 2

By Umm Zakiyyah

Juz’ 2 of the Qur’an comprises the chapter of al-Baqarah (The Cow) verses 142 to 252. In this juz’, Allah establishes rules and regulations and sets out warnings to the believers about idolatry. Throughout this section of the Qur’an, we are reminded to overcome the nafs and seek only Allah in our hearts.  It is in this spirit that Umm Zakiyyah reflects.

Umm Zakiyyah official photo by KICreativeStudios transparent background.pngUmm Zakiyyah (@uzauthor) is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of the If I Should Speak trilogy and Reverencing the Wombs that Broke you. She has written more than twenty books, including novels, short stories, and self-help. Her books are used in high schools and universities in the United States and worldwide, and her work has been translated into multiple languages.



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  • Thank-you for your astute perspective. Ramadan Mubarak!

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