Reflection on Juz’ 5 by Malika Ayubbi

By Malika Ayubbi

Allah wants to make clear to you [the lawful from the unlawful] and guide you to the [good] practices of those before you and to accept your repentance. Allah wants to accept your repentance, but those who follow [their] passions want you to digress [into] a great deviation. And Allah is Knowing and Wise. And Allah wants to lighten for you [your difficulties]; and humanity was created weak. — 4:26–28; Trans.

This painting is a reflection on Surah al-Nisa verses 26–28 found in Juz’ 5 (4:24–4:147). In describing her inspiration, the artist explains, “We glorify Allah in the Way and Spirit of our righteous ancestors…Acceptable as we turn to our Lord, despite those who would oppress and dishonor us….Out of our struggle comes the beauty and expanse of real freedom.” 

Malika Ayubbi is a contemporary artist and Islamic calligrapher with more than a decade of experience creating and teaching art. Working with mixed media, acrylic abstract applications and traditional Arabic calligraphy techniques, Ms Ayubbi is the operator of Malika Arts. Her work beautifully unifies timeless Islamic artform with a modern, fine art aesthetic. Her unique designs are invitingly fresh, alluring and divinely inspired.

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