Reflection on Juz’ 22 by Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee

This reflection is part of Sapelo’s Ramadan 2020 series. To read other reflections in the series click here.

By Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee

Reflecting on Juz’ 22, Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee shares a parable of the ant, the lesson we can take from it and the wisdom behind Allah mentioning this creature in His book.

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Photograph of Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee

Sheikh Abdul Jalil Nawee is the resident alim at Idara-e-Jaferia Islamic Center in Burtonsville, Md. Sheikh Jalil has been teaching Arabic and Islamic studies all over the world for over 25 years. He attended the Sharafuddeen Islamic Seminary in Qum, Iran, for more than seven years. During Sheikh Jalil’s third year at the Islamic seminary, Ayatollah Sistani’s office hired him as  a translator of Arabic in both language directions (Arabic to English and English to Arabic). As a result of his hawza studies and service as a translator, Sheikh Jalil acquired a vast amount of knowledge in Islamic Fiqh.

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