Reflection on Juz’ 1 by Angelica Lindsey-Ali

As a Black American Muslim woman who made the conscious decision to convert back to the religion of my fitrah, the religion of my original nature, this verse (2:21) means everything to me and my connection to my ancestors. You see so many of us exist in communities, in virtual spaces and in real life that want us to sever the ties to our ancestors. Although in the Qur’an, and as Muslims, we are taught not to sever the ties that bind us together.

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Photo of Angelica Lindsey-Ali

Angelica Lindsey-Ali aka The Village Auntie™ is a certified sexual health educator, public researcher, author, curator of woman-centered spiritual intensives, and a recognized authority in intimacy cultivation in Islamic marriage and emotional well-being. She leads a global following of women spanning 86 countries who love her practical, heart-centered advice on love, intimacy, and relationships. Angelica offers workshops and resources on cultivating spirituality, maximizing divine feminine attributes, love, intimacy, relationships, traditional approaches to sexuality, and feminine gender identity within the framework of traditional West and East African societies.

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