Reflection on Juz’ 16 by Nur Shaina Ayers

At the intersection of being Black and Muslim, we hold the cultural memories (of our predecessors) in both our Islam and our ancestral heritage.

This reflection is part of Sapelo’s Ramadan 2021 series. To read other reflections in the series click here.

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Photograph of Shaina Ayers

Nur Shaina Ayers graduated from Howard University’s School of Business with a bachelor’s in International Business and from Howard University’s School of Divinity with a master’s degree in Islamic Studies. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms Ayers grew up between California and Singapore. Born into a Muslim–Christian family, she maintains familial ties with her paternal Christian family and delights in celebrating her family and her identity as being born and raised Muslim. Her dynamic outlook on religion, race and nationality influences her research interests and propels her curiosity on the intersectionality of religion and identity.

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