Reflection on Juz’ 19 by Aqil Onque

Just as Allah can bring back a dead earth to life with rain… He also can bring back a dead people with His command.

This reflection is part of Sapelo’s Ramadan 2021 series. To read other reflections in the series click here.

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Phtoto of Aqil Onque

Aqil Onque was born and raised in New Jersey and became an avid student of knowledge as a late teenager. He has studied and taught beginner Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic beliefs and practices to new Muslims extensively. He has studied with esteemed scholars in California at Zaytuna College, where he completed an intensive course on the Arabic language. He also traveled to Mauritania and was privileged to continue his studies under some of the most eminent Islamic scholars of that area. He is currently an active member of a local masjid, conducting seasonal courses on Arabic and Islamic beliefs and practices, and he occasionally lectures at varying neighboring masjids.

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