Reflection on Juz’ 22 by Mahassin Muhsin

“Why should I not worship the One who created me? It is to Him that you will be returned. How could I take besides Him any other gods, whose intercession would not be able to save me if the Lord of Mercy wished to harm me? Then I would clearly be in the wrong. I believe in your Lord, so listen to me.

He was told, ‘Enter the Garden.’” … (36:22-26)


Season of Owls

By Mahassin Muhsin

The nights have come again
Short and Sweet
Small bundles
Hand made and Personally delivered.
Here, they seem to say,
We are but tokens of All there is for you.
I don’t feel worthy prepared for them
It will, after all, require something of me too
Gratitude, balance, commitment

I watch the owls with their wide eyes
Even in this pitch, they stay alert
seeing what is always hidden from me.
Why shouldn’t we, they ask,
The source of love is here
Waiting for eyes like these to look
And to take.


This reflection is part of Sapelo’s Ramadan 2021 series. To read other reflections in the series click here.

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Mahassin Muhsin is a writer, overthinker and eater of cheese. For the past three years, she has nagged unwitting contributors to submit their Ramadan Reflections on time to Sapelo Square. She resides in Trenton, N.J., with her sister, niece and nephews.

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  • Allah we make du’a that you continue to bless Mahassin with insight of your Blessed Word.

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