Reflection on Juz’ 30 by Bahiyyah Muhammad

This video is an excerpt from Dr. Muhammad’s reflection. To watch the reflection in its entirety click here.

[I thought it] important during the month of Ramadan to engage in the lived experiences and real life operationalization of passing down Islam intergenerationally.

This reflection is part of Sapelo’s Ramadan 2021 series. To view other reflections in the series click here.

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Bahiyyah Muhammad

Bahiyyah Muhammad is Associate Professor of Criminology at Howard University. She is the President of the DME Inc., an experiential learning Think Tank specializing in radical pedagogy and praxis to solve real-world issues. Dr. Muhammad is also the co-founder of Project Iron Kids, an organization that works to empower children of incarcerated parents in the United States and around the world. She is the co-author of a variety of children’s books for helping young people understand parental incarceration and reentry. These include: The Prison Alphabet: An Educational Coloring Book for Children of Incarcerated Parents and Daddy is Coming Home / Mommy is Coming Home. Dr. Muhammad is an ethnographic researcher who explores resilience and success among children of incarcerated parents (COIP). Her recent study seeks to explore the lived experiences of parental incarcerated among Muslim COIP.

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