Reflection on Juz’ 3 by Sheikh Abdullah Oduro

What is the way I exemplify my love of Allah? If I love him how does he want me to express that love?

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Sheikh Abdullah Oduro is a first generation Ghanian native who converted to islam in 1997. He graduated from the College of Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Al Madinah in 2007.  His areas of interest and competencies are problem solving, mentorship and research. Sheikh Abdullah conducts public speeches, sermons, lectures and workshops across the United States on islamic law, self-improvement and convert life.

He currently serves as the Imam at the Islamic Center of Coppell and Lewisville in Dallas, Texas, where he resides with his wife and four children. He is also a Scholar at Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and leads a team providing unique and comprehensive resources for new Muslim converts and institutional convert care.

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