Reflection on Juz’ 8 by Hakim-Rashid

I drew this picture because of my interest in Surah Al-Anam, Ayah 111-112 (found in the 8th Juz of the Quran). This ayah is about the people who ignored guidance. I think one lesson is that we should all listen to Allah and follow the example of the messengers (Peace be upon them) sent from Allah. If Allah sees good in you, he’ll help you keep your faith strong in him. May Allah make us amongst those who are guided. Ameen.

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Hakim-Rashid is a talented autistic artist who has been a cartoonist since he was five years old. His first drawing started as a round circle with eyes, short legs, long feet, and no arms, but this little creature would grow into a great dream; The Blumpeys. Now at 21, he spends his days and nights creating his delightfully unusual characters in the Blumpey world. Part passion, part obsession, these creatures are so vivid that he often has to catch them in mid-air and put them in his sketchbook before they go away. With the Blumpey characters, Hakim-Rashid hopes to bring joy to many and to share his drawings with any passerby willing to give them a look and smile. When Hakim-Rashid is not working on the Blumpeys, he is…working on the Blumpeys.

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