Reflection on Juz’ 29 by Baqiya Adam

Blessed is he (Allah) Great and Glorious indeed. The Believers in his creation await their rewards listed in the glorious Qur’an. Just Read.

The first of creation – The Pen. So much has been written again and again. With the greatest of character, he endured the wrath of the hypocrites and those who refused to believe. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws) stood firm and continued to give reminders that Jannah is for those who Believe; those who bow low in sajdah, those who repent and those who hold on to the best of examples – a role model for all.

Remember the people of Ad and Thamud, the evil Pharoh and those who were rude repeatedly to The Messengers and Prophets. They will surely lose all the goodness Allah had for them and Jahannam will be their home. We must make these short days count. Those who Belief in the day of judgement with certainty will have gardens, rivers, and castles upon the mount. 

Stand up and warn. Remove the evils in the land. Remind those who refuse to Believe of the doom to come and there will be nowhere to run.

Honor and respect the Qur’aan. Guard fajr and asr if you can.

Keep in your mind and heart the Majesty of Allah. His promise is true. His mercy, love and compassion are always there for the Righteous. 

Who are the Righteous? What do they do? They long for the reward of Allah and fear the day when questioning is done to me and you.

Keep in your mind and heart the Majesty of Allah. His promise is true. His mercy, love and compassion are always there for the Righteous. 

For many years Prophet Nuh (as) called the people to truth, but they refused. Allah sent his wrath upon them (even Prophet Nuh’s (as) son). They were destroyed in a flood with rain coming down from above.

One day a group of Jinn (invisible intelligent creatures of Allah, made from smokeless fire. Like humans they can be either believers or disbelievers) visited Prophet Muhammad (saws). They believed in him. Unlike the stubborn Quraish who could never win.

Oh, Devoted One (saws) you are truly a beautiful example of the Believer who worships throughout the night, while others sleep. Take your strength from the words of Allah. Remain strong and firm. Those who reject the truth will one day squirm.   

Always remember the purpose of our creation – to worship Allah alone. The Believers will be rewarded immensely for their hard work and devotion. While the stubborn rejectors of truth will be among the losers.

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Baqiya Adam is a mother, grandmother, wife, educator and CEO and designer for Mali Rose, an e-commerce clothing site for girls ages 2-12. She resides in Baltimore, MD.

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