Reflection on Juz’ 11 by Sanaa Majeed

The Prophet’s journey

Leaves you without any lies

A Prophet is truth

Our Hadith tells us

The Hypocrites are liars

Allah knows your heart

Who knows your heart

Will you go on your journey

Will you come to us

With honesty and truth

Or with falsehood and lies

Are you a liar

You know the liars

Do you know their hearts

They are hardened by lies

Refusing to take the journey

Towards the truth

They might be us

Within each of us

There is a liar

That must be purged by truth

Within your heart

You must journey

To a place free of lies

We often speak in lies

They often comfort us

Begin the journey

Away from the liars

Within our hearts

Strive towards the truth

The path of the believers is truth

Those who rid themselves of lies

 With clean soft hearts

These are the best of us

They are no longer liars

And choose the long difficult journey

The harder the journey

The sweeter the truth

We know the liars

We know their lies

They might tempt us

We are all vulnerable at heart

Go on your journey and reject the lies

The truth is entrusted to us

Don’t let us be liars at heart

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Sanaa Majeed is a Quran student at the African American Islamic Institute Legacy Academy in Senegal.

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