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Profile: Mark Crain and the DREAM of Detroit

By Hazel Gomez For a lot of people, Detroit represents something negative. People who have never stepped foot onto her tough soil vehemently proclaim they do not want their city to “become Detroit.” What does it mean to “become Detroit?” To “become Detroit” is to […]

Black Muslim Politics: Points of Entry

Sapelo Square’s second special feature takes a look at the Black Muslim political imagination, past and present.

Black Muslim Politics: In Photos

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Black Muslim Politics: A Healthy Patriotism- Insight from the late Imam W. Deen Mohammad

By Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid In “A Healthy Patriotism” Imam W. Deen Mohammad gives a brief overview of Nation of Islam history and the transformative growth of African-American Islam before beginning a discourse about Patriotism. The talk is frank and accessible, as was the nature of […]