Ramadan 1439/2018: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qu’ran—Juz’ 25

by Narjis Abdul-Majid & Kamilah A Pickett


Sapelo Square is proud to support Believers Bail Out, a community-led effort to bail out Muslims in pretrial incarceration. During these last ten days of Ramadan give what you can to restore justice and free our people. Donate and join us on the steep road!

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Kamilahpickett.jpegKamilah A. Pickett @MilahPeezy (Special Projects)is Director of Community Health Compass, a health advocate training program focused on Black and Latinx Muslim communities, and also serves as a Consultant for the Race Matters Institute, providing technical assistance that enables organizations to be more intentional in advancing racially equitable outcomes in both operations and programming.





fullsizeoutput_414Narjis Nichole Abdul-Majid @She_Aiight (Special Projects) is a part-time lecturer in the departments of Pan African Studies and Humanities at the University of Louisville and Philosophy department at Indiana University Southeast. Her research interests focus on the African American and Indigenous American Islamic experiences (Slavery-Melungeons-20th Century Islamic Movements-Present Day) with emphasis on minority voices.

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