Ramadan 1440/2019: Black Muslims Reflect on the Qur’an – Juz’ 15

By Azhar Abdusebur

In this video, through poetry and creative visuals, Azhar Abdusebur and Mohamed Yousif reflect on the 15th juz’ (17:1-18:74), noting specifically the Night Journey of the Prophet, peace be upon him, gratitude and trust in Allah’s decree.



Azhar AbduseburAzhar Abdusebur (@Abdusebur) is a business analyst by day but a youth and community worker at all times. He works with a range of organizations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, currently serving as an Executive Committee member and youth mentor at the Pearls of Hope Community Center.  

Mohamed Yousif (@SirMoYousif) is a creative brand strategist at heart who believes that life is all about seeing different perspectives and gaining different experiences. In fact, Brother Mohamed believes that  the mission of human beings is to collect as many as possible in order to truly understand others.


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