Reflection on Juz’ 10 by Muhammad Ali

By Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali highlights a few of the Qur’an’s recommendations regarding war, difference and conflict in his reflection on the tenth juz’.

Muhammad Ali is a child of African American converts to Islam from the Northeastern United States. He has an extensive educational background beginning as a child at the American Institute of Quranic Studies in Blanco, Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and dual master’s degrees in Divinity/Muslim Chaplaincy and Islamic Education from Bayan Claremont College. He has been an assistant imam, resident Imam and teacher in Durham, N.C., and in the Bay Area in California. Muhammad completed his Clinical Pastoral Education at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center and worked as a Muslim Chaplain in the California State Prison System. He is currently the Muslim Chaplain at Bucknell University.

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  • Salaams, I appreciated the concluding point on supporting believers as a means of maintaining our greater integrity as a Muslim community. Thank you.

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