Reflection on Juz’ 16 by Nisa Muhammad

Miracles are theme that flow throughout Juz 16, including the experiences of Khidr and Musa.  Khidr was a prophet who granted many miracles and acquired a deep understanding of Allah’s Qadar. Musa was invited to travel with Khidr if he could be patient. Together they had strange experiences but along the way Musa learned the value of trusting Allah’s qadar. Surah Maryam explains the miraculous births of Yaḥya and Esa.  Yahya who was gifted to elderly parents after his father prayed for an heir.  A lesson that is evident in these stories is that Allah is always with you, never lose hope, ask Allah for what you need. He answers prayers. This Juz also details the miracles  experienced by Musa. Enclosed is letter from one college student deeply concerned about another.  


Dear Sahar,

Was that you I saw on the corner of 12th and Michigan last night?  I tried to pull over and stop, but it was too much traffic.  By the time I drove around the block and came back around, you were gone if that was you.  I pray that wasn’t you, but I wanted to reach out just in case.  I tried calling ten times.  What’s going on?  You haven’t responded to any of my texts.  Maybe you will answer this email.  I know these last few weeks have been tough.  Life is not always kind, and we don’t always know why Allah chooses us to go through the things we go through but understand that He will never put a burden on us that we cannot bear.  You’ve heard that plenty of times before, but it rarely makes sense when the heaviness of the load is on your shoulders.

Let me remind you that you are a walking miracle.  Let me capitalize that walking MIRACLE.  Before Islam, what was your life like?  Just think back to the pain you endured with false friends, fake men, and no faith.  Your life was full of sin and shame, to put it bluntly.  Each day was pretty much like the previous, same routine, only a different day on the calendar.  Then you heard the words of Allah.  Someone on campus shared some lectures with you from Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Zaid Shakir, Minister Farrakhan, and Ieasha Prime. After that, your life was never the same.  You wanted more and more of Islam.  You wanted to be a Muslim.  You are a MIRACLE.  Allah blessed you to change.  Allah chooses whom He pleases.

Girl, please don’t go back to that life.  It has nothing to offer you.  Hold on to the little of Islam that you know.

The sisterhood on campus welcomed you with open arms.  We gave you headscarves to wear and other clothes to help you create a modest wardrobe.  We invited you to pray with us, took you to social events, and we reminded you to come to Jummah.  On Friday nights, when you used to go to the clubs, we made sure you had something else to do.  We showed you Islam is fun and exciting.  Then your mom died, and the sorrow of losing her became overwhelming.  Going home with family as a Muslim was tough.  Handling their comments and ridicule as a new Muslimah was hard. But, I saw the difference in you when you came back.

Allah is the best knower, and the trials we endure can make us stronger.  They are supposed to bring us closer to Him, but sometimes, the problems take us further away from Allah if our faith is weak.  I get that.  Please don’t tell me that was you I saw.  Now that I’m thinking about it was that your regular spot?  Girl, please don’t go back to that life.  It has nothing to offer you.  Hold on to the little of Islam that you know.  Learn more each day.  Study the life of Maryam in Surah 19.  Her life was one trial after another.  She’s a model for Muslim women.  

Please respond to this email, and we can get together and talk about whatever is going on.  I mean whatever, the good, the bad, or the ugly.  No judgment whatsoever.  Believe me, all of us have been there, seen that, and done that. We know the pain of being young and Black in America.  Afuwa asked me had I seen you; she’s concerned too.  Layla was worried too.  We are coming looking for you if we don’t hear from you, don’t see you in class, or see you in Jummah.  We are coming to your apartment, and you better open the door.  We take sisterhood seriously.  We don’t play, and if that was you I saw on the corner, don’t let me see you there again because we will come and pick you up.  Just like Allah saved you, we will come and save you again.  Allah is my witness.  Girl, we love you and want to save you from the fire.

Please answer.

Your sister and friend,


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