Reflection on Juz’ 17 by Ibrahim Abdul-Malik

I personally connect with Juz’ 17 (specifically Surah Al-Anbiya – the prophets) because it truly embodies my fears, beliefs and overall expectations. 

In my painting, the reaching hands symbolize people clinging to the materialistic things of this world. 

Those throwing tomatoes represent the ridicule Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received and the overall mockery placed on certain Islamic views that have been deemed “backward”.

The sun with the people in jalsa represents Islam. I believe Islam provides peace of heart to those without it. I pray that I can become a better Muslim.  

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Ibrahim Abdul-Malik is a hardworking computer science major studying at the University of the District of Columbia.

He’s interested in computer programming, cloud computing, app development, web development (full stack), robotic engineering, game design and art. Ibrahim has worked as a business intern through the Marion S. Barry Summer Youth Employment Program and as a biomechanical intern through a company called The STREAM Innovation.

He is passionate about what he does and wants to one day create a successful app development company.

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