Reflection on Juz’ 25 by Kelly Izdihar Crosby

Visual Reflection

“Ha Meem. Ayn Seen Qaf” by Kelly Izdihar Crosby

The image is a digital Arabic calligraphy work based on the first two verses of Surah ash-Shura (42:1-2). There are seven surahs in the Qur’an that begin with “Ha Meem.” Four of them are found in Juz 25 (Surah ash-Shura, az-Zukhruf, ad-Dukhan, al Jathiyah). Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Everything has an essence and the essence of the Qur’an is the family of Ha Meem,’ or he said, “the Ha Meems.” Ibn Mas’ud, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “When I reach the family of Ha Meem, it is like reaching a beautiful garden, so I take my time.” 

“The human being never tires of praying for good things; but when adversity afflicts him, he despairs and loses hope.” Surah Fussilat 41:49


The glorious month of Ramadan is bidding its farewell but not without the opportunity to earn abundant blessings. The night of power, or Laylatul Qadr, falls within the last ten days of Ramadan with it falling on one of the odd numbered nights. May all your supplications be accepted by God Most High.


It’s during this month that I’m thankful for prayer and how it has been made obligatory upon us. Our five daily salah are mandatory spiritual resets; brief moments to reflect on the One who rules and controls all things. Juz 25 starts with the 41st chapter, verse 47 of Surah Fussilat and concludes with the 45th chapter, verse 37 of Surah al Jathiyah. Just two verses later, we are confronted with the inconstant servant. When all is well, her worship begins to slip, but when life brings its inevitable challenges, she becomes a passionate supplicant. This sentiment carries over into verse 51. “When We provide comfort for the human being, he withdraws and distances himself; but when adversity befalls him, he starts lengthy prayers.”


We all know the wonderful feeling of when things all fall into place and life seems to be on the right track. The wise among us are grateful for God’s abundance and the boost to our iman feels amazing. But do we find ourselves slipping during times of want and lack? Of course, we’re always encouraged to pray for and seek out the good in this world. Praying our daily salah is a protection from becoming a fair weather servant.  Our sunnah prayers and other extra acts of worship can shore up our defenses for when life gets difficult. 


Let Ramadan be a reorientation; a recommitment to constancy and steadfastness in all times–bitter and sweet. May our efforts in the holy month fortify us until the next Ramadan, insha’Allah. 

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Kelly Izdihar Crosby is an artist, arts administrator, and freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.
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